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February 2nd, 2023


Welcome back to the RnG Designs blog page! We have recently added a new collection of dresses for summertime. In today’s blog, I will share with you some of my favourite dresses from the catalogue. The dress shown below is my ideal choice of a perfect summer dress. As well as including a beautiful yet simple flower design this dress the style of this dress is perfect for a casual outing or even appropriate for a more elegant event. Paired with a simple shoulder bag, I think this look would be one of my personal favourites.


However, if this style above is a little too casual for your liking I think this dress shown below would be the perfect formal yet elegant outfit for you! Coming in three different colours this off-the-shoulder dress is perfect for an evening look. Personally, I think this dress is very sophisticated and depicts the modern style very well making it perfect for an outing. I think this dress is so versatile and can be styled in many ways to make it more casual or more classic. Nevertheless, if these dresses are not your favourite be sure to check out our website as there are plenty more available and I’m sure there will be something there for you:))

We hope you liked reading this blog and browsing the new dresses that we have just added to our catalogue! Be sure to also check us out on Pinterest as all of our new products have been added to our feed! We are very grateful for your support. 

PS. You can also find us on Instagram @rng_designs_s and Pinterest @rngdesignss





By Divya Parekh