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Hello everyone!!


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March 05, 2022

First, a big thank you!

I thought I’d officially welcome you all to our very first blog, and what better way to kick this off than by talking about women! With international women’s day approaching I thought this was the perfect chance to talk about what being a woman means to our company. RnG designs supports all, however it does greatly focus on supporting women, we as a team believe in celebrating and providing equal rights for all women especially in the sporting and fitness industry. We aim to make girls all  around the world feel loved, confident, beautiful and healthy! 

Overall, our message to you is it’s important to feel good on the inside and out, and we hope to be able to give y’all that opportunity. So channel some of that positive energy and go do something that makes you feel empowered, wear something that makes you feel beautiful and eat something that makes you feel good! As Michelle Obama once said, “There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish!”

  By Divya Parekh