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Why Fitness and Fashion go hand in hand. Feeling good is everyones desire, its a inner deep feeling which takes away stress anxiety all sorts of negative feelings. When you start to feel good you start to look good. Simple as that. Feeling good is an inside thing. I could easily tell you that our 'New Arrivals' seamless Yoga Set will make you feel good but i would be lying. RnG is focusing on fitness it is focusing of fashion, but unless you feel good inside there is nothing that will help you rise. So All, get some positive vibes, take a break if you have to, sleep more if you need to, do the job you love to do, spend time with your family, 'hell' east dessert if it works, but please know feeling good is always an inside job! What i can tell you is RnG' Fashion and Fitness theme definitely has come from the idea that feeling good is priority, all we can do for you is just add that extra touch to your happiness of feeling and looking good.