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Hello All!

RnG Designs - Fitness and Fashion   February 2nd, 2023   Welcome back to the RnG Designs blog page! We have recently added a new collection of dresses for summertime. In today’s blog, I will share with you some of my favourite dresses from the catalogue. The dress shown below is my ideal choice of a perfect summer dress. As well as including a beautiful yet simple flower design this dress the style of this dress is perfect for a casual outing or even appropriate for a more elegant event. Paired with a simple shoulder bag, I think this look would be one of my personal favourites.   However, if this style above is a little too casual for your liking...

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Hey Everyone!

RnG Designs - Fitness and Fashion    August 20, 2022 Welcome to today’s blog! I thought I’d introduce the bags that we have recently added to RnG Designs and I’m going to share some of my favourites with you. One bag that instantly caught my eye was this beautiful, small retro handbag. Personally, I thought it had a lovely, modern style that would go nicely with any outfit. I love how classic and simple the bag is, I thought it was perfect as one could wear it with formal or casual attire. Not only does it come in this specific style and a black colour but you can also choose from a smaller version of this bag in three other colours...

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Hello again!

RnG Designs - Fitness and Fashion   May 29th, 2022    Just recently we have added a winter collection to our catalogue! As it is almost winter in Australia and I am loving the style of this coat below. It’s a beautiful trendy design that could look well in any outfit! As well as the design that colour matches well with whatever you choose to wear it with and not only can you buy it in this gorgeous beige but it is also available in 3 other colours, green, violet and black. Personally, I would love to style the coat buttoned down, with some knee high boots and a small shoulder bag. This coat is perfect for the chilly weather...

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RnG Designs - Fitness and Fashion April 22nd 2022 Just recently we have added a women’s denim collection to our catalogue! As winter is approaching here in Australia I love the new jeans and denim jackets. These trendy jeans below would look amazing with any cropped top and some sneakers for a chill casual look. If you’re not a fan of these ones check out our site for more, we have so many other styles as well, not only this we also have denim shorts and shirts if it's currently hotter where you live:) I also love this denim jacket! It’s simple yet gives off a more elegant look although it has a cropped style.  I would wear this jacket...

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Hello again!!

RnG Designs - Fitness and Fashion March 13, 2022 ----- Since last Friday we have officially made it live on pinterest! So I thought this was the perfect chance to show you all the products from RnG that I’ll definitely be pinning. I would say this dress is perfect for a day out, elegant, stunning and perfect for the autumn weather. Pair this with some silver jewellery and some summery sandals and you’re good to go! Honestly this is one of my fav dresses from the site, but if it's not your style check out all the other autumn dresses we have!   I’ll also be pinning this gorgeous set, (also available in a blue and black!). For workout days, I’ll...

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